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About Discount Queen

Stop Dreaming Do It started this conversation

Hi my name is Theresa.  I have over 20 years of experience in many different facets of Customer Service.  The moniker "Discount Queen" is because I LOVE to shop for bargains.  I LOVE seeing how much I can get for my "dollar," and not because I can or can't afford something, but because it's fun for me.  I could have as much money as Donald Trump or Oprah Winfrey and I would still "hunt" for bargains because for me it's like a "game."

One of my passions is research, so I am very adept at researching nearly any subject.  I love to help others have a better life.  I don't believe in giving people hand-outs, but I do believe in lending people a hand.  Nearly everyone at some time or another could use some help in their life.

One of my favorite websites that is a good example of this is Here people from other countries are seeking loans to start or expand their business.  Everyday people like me can make loans as small as $25.00 to help these folks meet their desires.  This is not a charity.  People you loan money to have to pay it back.  You don't earn interest, but you know you've helped someone.  So I really like this site.

I'm glad to have now found Aidpage because I like the idea of helping others find sources of help and not charging them for this help. I think this is a great idea, and I hope my skills will prove beneficial to people in need. 

Attention Seeking Sales Specialists for Independent Contractor Positions in Orange County, CA.

I have another opportunity right now for people who live in the Orange County area of Southern CA.  I own my own business and I am gearing up for Tax Season.  I am seeking people who want to work as Independent Contractors in the position of Sales Specialists.  Your "job" would be referring people to my office so I can prepare their tax returns.

Your pay is based on your performance:  No clients= no pay.  Lots of Clients=Lots of Pay.  The position pays commissions from 15% to 30% of each tax return that's processed.  Refer me 126 paying clients...You earn around $4600...send me 200 clients..your earnings jump to $9000, send me 400 paying clients and your earnings jump to $21,000, and so on.

If you are interested visit my website at to learn more or you can apply by clicking HERE.

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Nice bio, Theresa!

Thanks for the Kiva link, too! Another great way to help others...
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 in response to Discount Queen...   Thanks for the offer, and the help. I am sure there are others who will be ordering from them.
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Stop Dreaming Do It
 in response to shirleybill...   

Maybe that doesn't work for you but others find the service a blessing. Plus if you visit their website you'd see they offer other food boxes. I am NOT a worker for the agency. I am trying to point people to places they can go for some help. 

It doesn't take a lot of effort to click on a link to explore the site to see what else may be offered be offered.

In this case they have a seafood only box that costs a little more, they have a fruit and veggie boxes, etc.  Most people are NOT vegans or vegetarians, so I was focusing the MAJORITY of people. 

Anway, I'm only trying to help...take it or leave it. 


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 in response to Discount Queen...   I don't eat too much steak and red meats, so it really would not be beneficial to me to order a package like that.
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Stop Dreaming Do It
 in response to shirleybill...   

The "TV Dinners" ARE for seniors.  Plus, I NEVER said the prepared meals...I said the FOOD as in the standard food box was a WONDERFUL deal and  Blessing.  I'd like to see you go to any grocery store and buy (anywhere in the USA):

2 pounds of ribeye steaks

1 pound ground beef

2 pound pork roast

1 pound of chicken fajitas

1.5 pounds of chicken breast strips

32 fish sticks

2 pounds of apples

1 pound of lima beans

1 pound of green beans

2 pounds of french fries

1 dozen eggs

1 quart of milk and

10 flour tortillas

1 pumpkin cheese cake


ALLL FOR ONLY **$30.00**.  IF you can, then don't bother with Angel Food Ministries. 

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I tried the tv dinners, and they were hardly big enough to see. Maybe big enough for a child or an elderly person. I was not impressed.

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